Validation & Verification

Test Grid - Validation & Verification

Annual ventilation inspection & verification

Critical Ventilation Systems (as defined within HTM 03-01)

  • UCV theatres
  • Standard theatre layout
  • Critical care areas
  • Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy department
  • Mortuary
  • Air handling unit

Each verification will include:

  • Calculation of room air change rate
  • Room differential pressures
  • Room noise measurements
  • Comprehensive reports with recommendations
  • Remedial work based upon the reports can be undertaken


Validation (HTM03-01 & HBN 4 Supplement 1)

  • UCV theatres following major works or installations
  • Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy
  • Following a HEPA filter replacement

Each validation will include:

  • DOP (Di-Octyl Phthalate) testing of HEPA filters
  • DPC (Discreet particle counting) testing of HEPA filters
  • Entrainment tests
  • Calculation of room air change rate
  • Room differential pressures
  • Room noise measurement
  • Comprehensive reports and certificates

DOP & DPC tests are carried out in accordance with the following (where applicable):

  • BS EN ISO EN 14644-1 to 4
  • HTM 03-01
  • Eudralex Regulations Volume 4 Guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice Medicial Products for Human and Veterinary use.
  • HBN 4 Supplement 1

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