Preventative Maintenance & Remedial Services

We will service, maintain and repair any systems in place including preparing a full report of your systems informing you of vital airflow measurements, calculations and corrections.

Our report will also include any areas for concern, of which we will provide our recommendation for modification, repair or adjustments.

We work to all independent standards in place, such as HTM 03-01 Parts A&B, Eurdralex Volume 4 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Health Building Notes and many more.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • HEPA filter replacement & tests
  • Measurment of supply and extract airflow rates
  • Calculation of room air change rates
  • Measurement of room differencial pressures
  • Measurement of room noise levels
  • Air quality checks
  • Control function checks
  • Particle counting
  • DOP testing
  • Barrier and Clean room procedures
  • Fan belt replacement
  • AHU drain cleaning 
  • Airflow balancing
  • Internal cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Fault identification
  • Remedial services

Vesey @ Impact benefits:

  • Over 30 years experience of ventilation systems within the healthcare sector and many others
  • Fully trained technicians in accordance with HTM 03-01, Human Focus and safeContractor
  • Assurance that applicable guidance notes are adhered to
  • You will receive a clear, detailed report with testing information, results, summary and our recommendations for efficiency
  • Operating manuals for all systems will be provided
  • We will add your details to our comprehensive database so you can be rest assured your systems will be visited and serviced annually 




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